Brassy to Classy

November 06, 2013

Happy Hump Day everyone! 

Over the weekend, I finally decided to "tame" my hair color a little. The issue I had was after a while of being blonde, it somehow became a little brassy. The roots were as if they were terribly dried out and I was starting to be anxious about it.

So KC, my ever reliable stylist of BenchFix Glorietta 4 suggested to color it a shade darker to look healthier than it was. When I got home, my cat didn't seem happy. But the next day, I noticed how it looked better. I was convinced it was the best decision for the weekend.

The problem with dyeing your hair lighter is that it can turn out to be brassy and much more emphasize the brittle and dry ends after some time. I am still a "blonde" technically but just that it looks so much better now than before.

And if you are curious, I made a little video of myself. Forgive me for the crappy video, I will be an expert soon!



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