YouTube Sensation : David DiMuzio

November 26, 2013

Early this year, I found David DiMuzio on YouTube and things were never the same again. First of all, he is a convincing singer, more often than not with his guitar and mind you, some killer abs (hihi)! David is an American singer who lived in the Philippines for sometime. He has done some collaborations with our local singers and appeared in some local TV shows too! Oh not to mention, he sings Filipino songs too!

I remembered tweeting him one day and asked how to buy his CD. David replied and was told I can buy by sending him the payment through Paypal. It was April if I remembered it right and he promised to meet me personally to give the CD. But then he became busy and promised to send me the CD by October when he is in Manila again recording his album for Star Records.

The good news is that the  signed CD(s) came early this month all the way from HongKong, yay! The top it all, he sent me an extra CD for his upcoming album. Oh, how brilliant!

If you are curious to know this great and talented singer, check out his Facebook page.

He promised to meet me next year so yeah fingers crossed! And to you David, thank you and keep on making beautiful music!


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