REVISITED | Revlon Nearly Naked Makeup SPF20 in Natural Beige Review

August 31, 2013

I almost forgot that I had this for quite sometime now (I think back in April this year for Php 400 from Bon Marche). Blame it on too many things going on in my life since early this year. 

The Revlon Nearly Naked Makeup SPF20 in Natural Beige has medium to full coverage and not too thick consistency. In fact I find it quite runny or liquidy which is a good thing for me.

This is very buildable depending on how much you'd like to apply but sets in quite nice. I heard that most beauty gurus would say this is a good dupe of Urban Decay's Naked foundation but of course I can't attest to that since I don't have it.

However, the Revlon Nearly Naked Makeup SPF20 in Natural Beige does a good job in covering my blemishes and evens my skin tone. You can leave it as it is without using a concealer but if you require a full make up on, then I suggest adding a dab of it for seamless look.

Me Says:

- Does a great job in covering my imperfections
- Evens my skin tone
- Medium to full coverage
- Can be used alone without concealer
- Natural Beige matches my skintone
- Has SPF20 (just great!)
- Affordable if you buy it from your trusted online reseller
- Has a wide range of shades to choose from (I heard about 16)


- Well, it didn't control my oil as I needed to retouch after 3-4 hours but then I have no high hopes it should keep my face matte since it didn't claim to be an oil control foundation in the first place

Overall Verdict

4.5 Lipsticks

You know the days when you don't want to look too made up? Well you got the right weapon in this baby. If you are oily like me, I suggest wear this under your good old trusted primer for maximum effect and wear.

Revlon Nearly Naked Makeup SPF20 in Natural Beige on me (just excuse the kinda surprised look!)

Buy Again: Yes, this is just great for everyday use.

Have you tried this product yet?

Miss J

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