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August 23, 2013

How's your boat pretty ladies? I hope all is safe and sound after days of raining in usually sunny Manila.

As you may probably read or heard, the Philippines had been hit again by monsoon rains for a couple of days. Most Manila areas were under water.
But Filipinos are known for being resilient and our adaptability so hang on there, my fellow Pinoys, we can do it!
Anyhow, it's been a while since I did an outfit post so here I am doing it now, hehehe.
Don't you love printed skirts, because I do. The miniskirt is more forgiving to skinny ladies but heck no, I wouldn't agree 100%, hahahaha!

 I wore this outfit when I went to the PinayCurvies event during the weekend which I plan to write in a separate post.
Top: From Bangkok
Skirt: Terranova
Wedges: Kenneth Cole
In your usual gloomy days, don't you find wearing something bright just perfect?
Miss J

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  1. That skirt is super adorable! Reminds me of a KIMY popsicle stick (I think that was it) Lol!
    CJ - FMWL

    1. Thanks CJ. I super love it too! And I even got this on sale...:)