REVISITED | Majolica Majorca Brow Lash Colorist Review

August 15, 2013

Remember by Bangkok beauty haul? That's when I picked up this Majolica Majorca Brow Lash Colorist! Just that I forgot to include this product in that post, lol.
 Unfortunately, I threw away the packaging in my moment perhaps of sadness after learning of my dad's passing.
Anyhow, because I have colored hair, it's always an effort to match my brows with my hair. It's odd to have a deep black brows when you have a fake blonde, at least in my case.

I already found a nice dupe of the MAC Brow Set from James Cooper which I reviewed here. I think the James Cooper's a little too light for me though it still does work for me but I was looking for that exact blonde match for me. The other James Copper shade is a tad dark for me.
I remember having success with Majolica Majorca products I bought with my own moolah. So it was a no-brainer for me to get this one. I know this one costs Php 600+ here in sunny Manila but in Bangkok it's a little cheaper since I bought this after 10% off discount (lucky me) so now I remember this must have cost me around Php 400. Not bad no?

This brow colorist does the job of coloring your brows from dark to lighter. The consistency is thick and easy to spread on your brows. It dries pretty quick and keeps my brows well put. Oh my gosh, it's even the most exact match of my blonde hair!
Me Says:

- Colors my brows from dark to brown perfectly
- This is my exact match for my blonde hair
- Dries up pretty quickly
- Buildable enough should you want a deeper color
- Keeps my brows well put and in place

- May be pricey for some ladies but worth it, IMHO
- Decent staying power but if you sweat a lot or too oily, this may budge off easily
Overall Verdict:
4.5 Lipsticks
Majolica Majorca Brow Lash Colorist on me.
Because this is my exact match, I really love this to pieces. I think I am buying again unless I find a good dupe.
Buy Again: Absolutely, yes!

Miss J

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  1. Nice! I think it's very comparable to MAC's Brow Sets ♥ Thanks for sharing!

    The Makeup Maven

    1. You're welcome Ms. Sabs! Thanks for always visiting:)

  2. My Dear Ms. J! So good to meet you at the Curvies event. :) Have you tried actually bleaching your brows? I do it all the time using department store facial hair bleach. I find that it lightens my brows just a touch for when I color my hair lighter.

    1. Hello Maita,

      So good to meet you too at the Curvies event. I haven't tried bleaching my brows on my own because I had lasik operation and I was too concerned on putting anything close to my eyes, hehehe.. But I will consider your suggestion or perhaps go to a professional to do that....