The Red Lippie's NARS Beauty Haul vol. 1

August 08, 2013

Months ago, I splurged on MAC makeup as I stated in my earlier blog post.
But the truth is, I also got some NARS makeup!
So yeah, I heard my wallet complained afterwards.
I got these babies from Rustan's in Makati as well as in Shangrila.
To illustrate, here are the items I first bought from NARS:
1. NARS Makeup Remover
2. NARS Super Orgasmn Illuminator
3. NARS Eye Primer
4. NARS Eye Palette
5. NARS Volumizing Mascara

6. NARS Pro Prime Light Optimizing Primer

 Oh well, I got the NARS Pro Prime Light Optimizing Primer in trial size free, woooohoooo!
These babies are my first ever purchase from NARS and I am greatly impressed with their pigmentation, quality and how they stay put. I mean, their eyeshadow palette is so pigmented! And oh, the eye primer is just love!
The Super Orgasm Illuminator on the otherhand can be mixed with my regular foundation for that hint of glow! Wow oh wow.
I now rarely buy makeup these days because first of all, I am focusing on quality instead of quantity. Second, I'm trying to change my style on buying things on a whim without thinking too much. And third, I have lots of products sitting in my apartment waiting to be reviewed.
And lastly, I'm broke now, lol.
Question: Talking about makeup, would you go for quality vs quantity?
Ah, that's a tough one.

But let me leave you a quote from Francois Nars:

Miss J

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