Mario Badescu Skin Care and Beauty Haul vol.1

August 09, 2013

I spoke in a jiffy regarding my  fascination with Mario Badescu products lately. And yes they do work for me, yay!
The story dates back from time immemorial. Remember people that I lurk around beauty blogs and Youtube a lot for years now and in one of those visits, I learned about Mario Badescu. I had a very basic skin care regimen in the past.... so basic I have nothing to talk about that kind of regimen, lol.
You see, I am not getting any younger, acting before too late is better than not caring at all.
So ladies, presenting my Mario Badescu loot:

1. Glycolic Peel (Php 1,450.00)
2. Facial Spray (Php 450.00)
3. AHA Botanical Body Soap (Php 525.00)
4. Glycolic Acid Toner (Php 1,150.00)
5. Strawberry Face Scrub (sample size)
6. Seaweed Night Cream ((sample size)
7. Whitening Mask (sample size)
Overall, I am very happy with my new love, Mario. Such a pity that I only got to shell out for these very recently.
I shall be posting reviews soon. I am so stoked!
For now I am going to say that a  good makeup starts from having good skin.

Do you agree?
Miss J

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