REVISITED | James Cooper Jazzy Collection Eyebrow Gel in Frosted Brown

November 20, 2012

Well, as you all know my hair color comes from a bottle! So it is just natural that my brows have to follow through. The problem is I never had them dyed professionally nor I colored them myself because I was afraid I'd do more damage than help.

The solution gorgeous ladies is this: James Cooper Jazzy Collection Eyebrow Gel in Frosted Brown!

Beauty experts say that our eyebrows should be a shade lighter than our hair! Isn't that nice? That means, we can all pass as "mestiza" once in a while as long as we color our hair lighter, hihihi!

Me Says:

- Friendly price. 
It made me only Php 299.00 poorer and not bad!
- Pigmented. 
The frosted brown can be a good excuse to go  little "blond".. Oh well, I'd say "lighter" is the most appropriate term
- Staying Power
Impressive staying power for an oily face like mine (harharhar!)

- May not suit all skintones. My advise is to consider taking a look at their darker shade because a lot of olive skinned ladies will love that.

Overall Verdict:

4.00 Lipsticks

Sorry I have yet to replace my crappy camera and I am struggling getting me nice mug shots so please forgive me. Anyhow I think this is a good alternative to MAC Eyebrow gel if you are on a tight budget. 

Believe me when  say that it won't disappoint you. This is the next best thing should you need an illusion of a lighter, fairer skin (and not that I like to be fairer, I am just babbling.)

Buy Again: Yes, but I want to try the darker shade too to see how it would fare from the frosted brown!

Miss J

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  1. Hi Miss J! I didn't know this this even existed so thank you for this post! I guess I don't like James Cooper that much just because they're a bit pricey compared to other drugstore brands. But that's just me being biased hehe! Thanks for sharing this, will definitely check this out on my next visit to Watson's!


  2. Hi Jem thanks for visiting! And yes hopefully it works for you. I pretty have much luck in James Cooper products and one of my fave cream foundie is from them:)

  3. hi girly do u knw any onlineshop that sell this one JAZZY in FROSTED BROWN?? Please let me know? :d STAY PRETTY!