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November 28, 2012

I've been asked countless times how I got into blogging. Well, these days we call it "blogging" but at eleven years old, I called it writing.

I was coached by a former teacher to join a local essay writing contest during an environmental week awareness. I won second place. I'd say not bad for a rookie writer!

I continued to write up until college. I've had some luck in getting my writings published. Click here to find out more.

And so essentially some of the questions I get are these: how to become successful in blogging and what it has taught me so far! Tough questions, right? Well, I don't consider myself that sooooo successful in blogging but for now, let me share what blogging has taught me so far:

Writing is never a walk in the park for me. It is as always a product of hard work and countless tries. And I have failed many times to convey what I really want to say to no avail. The good news is that like in anything else, I can always try again. Try again. Even when it hurts.

As stated above, this blog is nothing but pure hardwork. You cannot gain viewership by simply putting up a blog without getting your hands dirty. This means that for the first few months, I was writing almost everyday I ever had to wonder whether someone ever gets to read it. But someone does!

Practice Due Diligence.
As a blogger, I have to make sure I write about facts to establish my credibility. I must investigate, ask, contest and even challenge what I have to know just to make sure I got it right.

Smile. Or Laugh a lot more!
I am a very happy person but because of blogging, I learned to laugh even a lot more. Let me cite an example: Once I got a nasty comment about what I wrote. The solution? Think whether his/ her opinion is worth validating. If not, then just simply LAUGH. Remember it's your blog so you are entitled to your own reaction. No one can tell you to wring that commenter's neck except you (okay maybe that's too much, lol).

Read. And. I. Mean. A. Lot.
I love to read and while I have my own preferences on what to read, I try as much as possible to read even those I find boring just to get that curiosity out of me. Hey-- you never know when you'll ever used it, right?

Relationships are Important.
Whether it is with my friends or with brands, keeping a good relationship is essential. Being a blogger comes with a great responsibility. So be thankful that you have that rare chance to have a relationship with your readers as well as these various brands.

Be Sociable.
The world of blogging is still a mystery to me. You can be like best friends with someone even you haven't met him/ her face to face. I say this at least for most beauty bloggers I've known. I have met beautiful and nice people since I started blogging. It's one way to meet new friends (so you can ditch those you don't like anymore, hahaha!)

Write More.
You will get there, I promise. That's my mantra. To keep on writing is redundant. But it gets me closer to my dreams.

And last but not the least---- Be crazy!

See the picture above? 

Yep, I learned to be crazy photographing myself in my own time of solitude, hehehe. Life is meant to be enjoyed and being your usual boring self is not coool at all. So be ready to take your Iphone and be crazy all you want to take few more clicks. There should be no rules as long as you carry it with great responsibility.

The list above is probably too simple but I cannot stress enough how much blogging has changed my life. I admit it used to be my way of escaping from the pressures of my real corporate slave job, but because it is a form of self expression, I have more reasons to love it.

Are you a blogger? 

Do you love to write? What have you learned so far? 

Miss J

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  1. Good tips. One I strongly agreed with is "Read, and I mean, a lot." In most writing books and blogs I read, they always say that you should read 10x more than you write.