REVISITED | Nivea 48-H Energy Fresh Anti -Perspirant

November 25, 2012

Like most women out there, I can get very insecure of my underarms.

How I wished too that I don't sweat a lot but genes + humidity in sunny Manila makes it unkind fit for my underarms, sniff sniff.

So when I picked this antiperspirant baby from our old trusted Mercury Drug Store, I didn't have much expectation.

The  Nivea 48-H Energy Fresh Anti-Perspirant boasts just that--- up to 48 hours of protection! Wow, just imagine the grin on my face when I read that!

Me Says:

The scent.
The light refreshing smell of lemon grass is an awesome treat. While others get distracted with perfumed spray, this scent is not over powering.
Staying power. 
48-H is a long time if you need a little extra hardworking anti-perspirant.
No allergies.
I can be pretty sensitive with too much products going on in my skin. This one however didn't give me any rashes or allergic reaction. Good job, Nivea!
Spray till you sway!
Oh this is very hygienic. Sharing of deo-roll ons is a big no-no. This one however is much forgiving should you need to lend a hand to someone who forgot her underarm power tool.
Value for money.
This is priced for Php 165+ for150 ml product. I'd say not bad!


No lightening/ whitening properties.
If we ladies can get more multi-tasking products in one, why not?

Overall Verdict

 4.5 Lipsticks

I really like this product and been using this a lot. I heard Dove has a similar product so perhaps next time I am going to give it a try to compare the two. But overall, I am very happy with this baby. Nivea has been coming out with excellent products so I am not even surprised this one is a gem.

Buy Again: Yes, of course!

Miss J

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    1. Thanks for the support and always visiting Keyti. Hope to meet you one day❤

  2. Great pros for this deodorant!! :)

    1. Hello Shari- yes I'm loving this deo! Thank you for visiting:)

  3. It lasts a long time no? I alternate this with an Avon deo cream. And yes this is handy for when a friend forgot her own deo. Hihi

  4. Been wanting to have one too

  5. The great and amazing collection of beauty products for skin.I have seen similar content about beauty and i hope it is best choice for you'r skin. mama mio