SHOE SPOTTING | Dorothy Perkins Leopard Pumps

November 12, 2012

Oh, it's been a while since I posted a photo of my shoe obsession! 

Apart from makeup, I cannot resist buying a pretty shoe (I am suspecting I grew up not having enough shoe at all, haha!) thus this is my not-so-secret fashion love.

I was on my usual trip to the mall when I chanced upon a Dorothy Perkins store at Power Plant Mall. I live not far from Rockwell and in fact, this is the nearest mall to me so don't be surprised if you see my soul over there! 

Okay, just look what I found!

Leopard Pumps on S-A-L-E!
I soooooo love leopard prints! I think I am going to love this print for the next 50 years. Well maybe 49, but then what the heck, I am obsessed with it and no-- you got no chance to contest it, lol!

I haven't really worn this yet in full details but my ever trusted photographer (read: obligatory) is arriving soon and until then I kind of expect to post more outfit posts. You do know how it's terrible to pick up your Iphone and take some crappy photos in front of a mirror, right?

I'd say, wear this pumps with a solid one color dress and make your way to use this shoe as a contrast to that one color hue. What do you say?

So yeah, guess PRINTS are here to stay! And yeah even those from a leopard!

Miss J

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  1. Adorable!! I'm looking to add a pair of leopard ballerinas to my collection myself ;)

  2. Thanks for visiting! I have leopard flats as well and I love it too ❤