February 03, 2012

It's everywhere like a plague. Fashion dictates orange will be the huge winner for 2012.

And so I did a quick inventory in my mind. I started asking myself: "How many orange outfits do I have?" The answer wasn't that convincing-- I only have one! I don't even a own shoe with a hint of orange!  Now what????!??

And so the other day, while I was having my usual "me-time", I saw this most wonderful thing on earth at that moment of solitude. I remembered it was orangey, bright and happy color! My heart jumped for joy!

After 10 minutes, I had a bag on my hand:)

Shoes from Catch
Glorietta, Makati

Okay please don't kill me. In fact the only person I know who adores this color is my good friend Sarah. I know orange does not complement everyone but I really like this shoe. It's so comfortable. And I discovered something which totally shocked me: I have this in size 11!

Unfortunately, size 10 was too small for me (I am sensing my feet are getting bigger- or maybe fatter, whatever!) so I was left to try size 11 which fitted me perfectly.

The next hunting will be for an orange skirt! I am dying to have one!

What about you? Any orangey outfits??!?

Miss J

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