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February 26, 2012

Happy Sunday Bellas!

First of all, it's my Mom's birthday so let me give her a quick shoutout even though she's in heaven now (sob!). Happy birthday Mom, I just miss you so much. I love you everyday:)

Moving on, today, I want to share my experience with another ELF product- E.L.F. - Studio Warm Bronzer

ELF's website says this:

Create a healthy looking glow all year round! The sheer soft powders provide the perfect hue of color. Blend all 4 colors together to achieve a blend of perfection or choose your favorite color or colors to mix, match and blend.

  • Warm Bronzer- The warm shimmer that will bring a glow to your face. Ideal for summer or year-round.
  • Cool Bronzer- The ideal selection of matte colors to achieve a natural looking tan. Ideal for winter or year-round.
  • Golden Bronzer- An illuminating shimmer that is subtle and radiant. Ideal for summer or year-round.

Since I got the Warm Bronzer shade, let's take a closer look at this product:

PHP 249.50/ Most Watson's Stores, SM, Landmark

Me Says: 

  • Gorgeous four shades which complement my skin tone and adds glow to my face
  • The lightest shade can be used as a highlighter
  • The darkest shade ca be used to fake a tan
  • When brush is swiped in all 4 shades, it creates a subtle hint of color which flatters most skintone


  • Almost powdery 
  • I think this will best complement  ladies who have lighter skintone than Asians because colors are lighter than the other shade- Golden bronzer.

 My Verdict:

4.0 Lipsticks  (+)

Overall, this is a decent product which can give you a subtle and not overpowering hint of color. I am interested however in trying the Golden Bronzer shade to see how it will turn out on me.

What about you? Have you tried this product yet?

Miss J

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