February 03, 2012

SNOE Hair Heroes Intense Argan Oil
Php 499, Snoe Beauty

My super hair heroes have arrived! And yes, we are liking each other!

I know it's too early to post my thoughts about this product but I am just too excited to tell you I finally got this few days ago while I was out with some friends.

I shall be posting about my experience soon! For now, let me share how excited I am to add this in my daily routine. I can't help tweeting as soon as I got it!

For now, let me enjoy my super hair heroes. Thank you for saving me.. errr... my hair, I mean!

Miss J

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  1. Miss J!

    I've been using this ever since I dyed my hair, and it works so well! :) I like the mild scent and how moisturizing it is without making my hair heavy or oily. :)

    See you again soon! <3

    1. Hi Ayzee, yes this is my all time fave hair product. Thanks for always visiting. And yes see you soon too!