February 16, 2012

I know the title of this post is weird. And it became weirder because to cut someone else's hair without proper training is suicide, hahaha. More so, if you decide to cut your own hair, right?Well, not for me, lol.

One day, while I was on some panic attack because I was having visions that my hair got split ends/damaged, I took my scissors and started cutting those ends! Well  too much coloring, curling and styling made my hair dry and frizzy but thanks to my hair heroes which I reviewed here and here.

So yes- I did cut my own hair! How pathetic, right? Hahahaha! But hey- I turned out to be still alive and kicking after. In fact, cutting my hair and not going to a salon just saved myself some moolah! Don't you worry because I only "murdered" the ends of my hair and nothing else.

This is the first time I tried to be my own "barber". Here's the result:

I did my own hair color too.. Okay, i'll shut up now, lol.

The funny thing was that nobody noticed I had a slight haircut hehehe. My cat just looked at me as if saying: "Not bad."

So, thinking of cutting your own hair? Do it. But you must exercise caution.

So if you are feeling adventurous and think you can do it, please be careful. If something bad happens, go to the nearest salon for a "real" haircut! And make sure, never, ever do it again!

Up next: Be your own hair colorist 101, lol!

Miss J

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