February 10, 2012

A blazer is probably one of the best wonderful creations in fashion, noh? If you are a girl and you don't have yourself a single blazer in your closet, let me tell you, you are missing a lot! The fashionistas would definitely not count you as a fashion forward female!

I have been fascinated with blazers since they started coming back sometime in 2010 I think. The first serious blazer I had was from a local store named Tomato (available in most malls all over Manila). It was black with that romantic laced sleeves all over. Super cute. I loved it. In fact, here is a photo worn by my friend Irene in her prenup photoshoot last year which I happen to be the appointed MUA (ha!).

The blazer was my idea as I was planning to dress her up out of her comfort zone:)

The problem I think was that it turned out to be a little short for me, so over the years, I hunted and luckily found some. Currently, I have about 8 blazers, 4 of which never came back to me from friends who borrowed them (come on girls, send them back to me please hehehe).

I like to wear them over shorts, pants or dresses and let me tell you this piece of garment is something even your future kids can wear when they grow up. So if you can find the best that perfectly fits you, then get it. Life is too short not to have one.

Here are my babies and hopefully I can recover the rest of my blazers soon, lol!

Black blazers are a staple in a woman's closet
Red lips are sexy and so is a red blazer!
You'll never feel blue with a blue blazer!

Red, Black, Blue- all together now!

TIP: To save some moolah, you can try UKAY! It's more fun in the Philippines, lol.

It is a classic piece every lady must have!

Come on, don't tell me I didn't tell you to get one, okay?

Miss J

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  1. well generally i like when women wearing blazer...looks so elegant...