February 23, 2012

Hey, hey, hey Bellas! How is this week treating all of you? I am sooooo excited to talk about the Cosmetologie   2012 event which ended yesterday. It was a two-day event from February 21- 22 at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia. Cosmétologie 2012 is a one-stop shop event for Beauty, Wellness, Trends and much more!

I was excited to drop by on its first day however, I wasn't feeling very well on a Tuesday so I decided to drop by yesterday, weeeee!

First of all let me share the highlights of this event:

  • I saw and met some of my fave Filipino bloggers like Ms. Shen of http://www.shensaddiction.com; Ms. Sophie of  http://www.beautynomics.com; and Ms. Brigitte of  http://www.iambrigitte.com. How cool was that?!?
  • Scored some NYX cosmetics from Digital Traincase (Ms. Brigitte was an assistant for that day. She was pretty and accommodating though I wished I introduced myself as one of her readers but I was too shy to tell her as I don't want to distract her assisting other customers).
I was at the AVON booth looking to buy some Avon makeup when all of a sudden Ms. Shen arrived. At first, I wasn't too sure it was her so I pretended to scout some makeup at the counter hoping I could see her name (lol) just to be sure. But I couldn't resist anymore so I spoke to her and said: "Excuse me, are you Shen of Shen's Addiction?". To which she said "Yes!" Imagine my excitement!!!! Hahaha.. 

Ms. Shen was surprisingly not too tall (I always had the impression she was taller) but pretty and exuded a very positive aura. She was smiling the whole time we were speaking to each other which impressed me to think that I was just some random stranger she met at the Avon booth.

With Ms. Shen of Shen's Addiction. Isn't she lovely:)
She is one of the nicest bloggers I've met.

When I went to the Digital Traincase booth, I saw Ms. Sophie but then again, I was too shy to introduce myself as one of her fans because she was busy assisting some customers so when some left, I asked about Ms. Brigitte's Beauty pro pallette which I heard was very pigmented. She then told me to talk/ look at Brigitte about these palettes who was manning the NYX cosmetics (she was wearing BeautyPro eyeshadows I suppose). Ms. Sophie was not smiling often so I decided not to introduce myself as one of her fans. Maybe she was tired from all the customers coming in so she wasn't as accommodating like Ms. Shen. 

The truth is, I was planning to buy some Charm Brushes from Ms. Sophie but I was intimidated by her "serious" look so I decided to maybe just check it out some other time. I know manning booths like this is a challenge so I could pretty much understand her not looking "too friendly" that time. I was however disappointed not being able to introduce myself because I've been reading her blog as well for a long time. I hope next time, when I see her, she's not manning any booth so she won't be busy attending clients.

Ms. Brigitte on the other hand was bubbly even if I didn't introduce myself  as one of her fans as well. She was an assistant for the day and don't want to bother her that much but she was accommodating when I decided to get some NXY goodies.

Later on, during our late lunch with the cat, I got to see other bloggers Ms. Teena and Say at Frenchbaker restaurant. They looked so pretty as well.

Overall, I was too happy to grace an event like this. I hope to visit more beauty fair(s) soon!

Were you at the Cosmetologie 2012 event? Please let me know.

Miss J

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