February 01, 2012

Today I finally decided I am going to be a model.

Yes- a supermodel! Please don't laugh. I know you are. Hahaha=)

I'm not ashamed of being full figured, chubby, fat or how you may call it. In fact, I've come to terms with it a long time ago. If I am going to tell you about my story, you'd know that like most of us, I've had my share of personal struggles being in a society where the skinniest people seem to appeal more. And media has contributed much to this concept that sexy= skinny. I mean, can't everyone be sexy in any size, come on!

I wear a size 10, 12 or 14, but in sunny Manila, that is considered FAT! Whaaaaaat? !$$@T*(@)@)@)@!

But I have always been this size for a long time now and no matter how much I eat, I never grew bigger. Or if I eat less, I'd be lighter. Genetics and a lot more factors can explain this, okay? So please stop giving us that strange look and tell us we can't be a supermodel because this is 2012 and honey-  frankly speaking, you have  the smallest piece of brain that you can't even find it.

Anyways, let me share some stunning outfits of full figured ladies I really fancy. Mind you, I've been a fan of some plus-size models so consider these photos to be a prelude to some more.

Meet Weesha!

Super stunning outfits!  Whenever I see these pics, I see hearts all over:)

Meet Danah & Stacey
All photos from their FB page

Meet Denise Bidot! Who says full figured ladies can't wear lace and a swimwear??!?
All photos from her FB page

Let me say this again: "I may wear size 10, 12 or even 14 and full figured yet I have the power to build my dreams beyond my size no matter how small or huge my dreams will be. I am fun, sassy, fearless and sexy in my book."

You read that right, honey. I mean, MY  book. Not yours. 

Miss J

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