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February 07, 2012

Ciao a tutti!

Sometime ago, I blogged out my recent discovery of Snoe Organic products I found at Cinderella, Glorietta in Makati. I blogged about it here.

Today, I am excited to talk about my experience on SNOE's Hair Heroes Intense Argan Oil.

SNOE Hair Heroes Intense Argan Oil
Php 499

But first, what is Argan Oil? According to Wikipedia,  Argan oil is an oil produced from the kernels of the argan tree, endemic to Morocco, that is valued for its nutritive, cosmetic and numerous medicinal properties.

Snoe's website says: 

Revolutionary 5-in-one :

Cleansing conditioner
Deep Treatment Mask
Leave- on Treatment
Hero Sulfates

Your hair is your crowning glory.

Lavish your hair with Snoe’s Revolutionary 5-in-one Intense Argan Oil Moroccan Liquid Gold. This cleansing conditioner replaces shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, de-tangler, leave-on conditioner, and even shaving cream. For all hair types, 5-in-one is formulated to add moisture without weighing hair down. It effectively cleanses & hydrates hair without stripping or robbing it of its natural nutrients and oils. It has astonishing healing, conditioning, and anti-aging properties to keep your hair nourished and revitalized, to keep you looking beautiful.

Change the way you clean your hair!

How to use as a cleansing conditioner:

  • Rinse your hair thoroughly first and massage Snoe Hair Heroes Intense Argan Oil into your hands before applying liberally into your hair. 
  • Start from the crown working towards the ends and gently massage into hair, applying small amounts of water to help distribute the product easily. 
  • Using a wide-tooth comb, comb through your hair for 5 minutes. 
  • Rinse thoroughly.

You may also use Snoe Hair Heroes Intense Argan Oil as a leave on conditioner/de-tangler
(Can be used on wet or dry hair) and as a deep conditioner (leave on for 20 mins. before rinsing.)


For external use only. When using this product, avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse eyes thoroughly with water. Discontinue use if signs of irritation occur. Keep out of reach of children.

SnoeProduitsBeaute does not participate in animal testing. All products are tested by family members and friends.

Active Ingredients:

  ARGAN OIL: Split-end protection. Restores damaged hair, providing remarkable shine to dull hair. It not only prevents hair damage due to styling and outdoor activities, but also improves elasticity and reduces hair loss due to breakage.
WHEAT PROTEIN: Anti hair-breakage efficacy by more than 80%, anti-inflammatory, Moisturizes
MILK PROTEIN: Protection and repair of dry and damaged hair
MORINGA EXTRACT: Protects hair against environmental stress/pollution
Strengthening effect on hair fiber: hair strength: + 38%
Conditioning /repairing effect: improvement of hair surface:+ 64%
UV Protection: protection of hair keratin quality after UV radiation: + 64%
INDIAN SENNA: improves hair surface, rendering hair softer and brighter
Aids in making your current color maintain its vibrant sheen.
CUCUMBER EXTRACT: Anti-oxidant and moisturizing properties. Helps maintain healthy scalp.

Now, I don't wanna swamp you with too many information but that's hard considering that this product has a number of good ingredients to boot and it will be a shame not to share.

Me Says:
  • This has a nice but strong, coconut(ty) smell and yet disappears after sometime
  • Can be used in many ways: your usual conditioner, treatment conditioner, leave on conditioner, etc.
  • Makes my hair super soft and super smooth
  • Leaves my hair super shiny too; I can't stop touching it, lol
  • A little goes a long way. I suggest to put it on the ends of your hair not on your roots
  • This 250-ml product can last a long time
  • Super cute packaging; this cartoon(ey) looks is love, love, love
  • Made my hair color even more vibrant and lasted longer in my opinion
  • The Php 499 tag price can be pricey for most people; but Argan Oil can be expensive so please understand:)
  • I don't like the pump that much because it doesn't dispense the product well. 
My Verdict:

5.00 Lipsticks  (+) 

I rated this product 5 lipsticks despite of my dislikes because I am really impressed by the product itself regardless of its price or how it looks. The cons are not enough to outweigh the good things in it. 

If you guys are concerned about its tag price, I suggest you and a friend can split both the product and price. That also gives you the chance to only shell 50% until you get convinced this product is for you.

I am going to repurchase but because the product is worth it, it would take me sometime to finish the whole bottle. 

Thank you Snoe, my hero:)

Miss J

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