Latest Beauty Buys: More VMV HypoAllergenics Products to Love

December 18, 2015

You should know by now how I adore my Mario Badescu toner.I have never been loyal this far to a toner. Also, my Mario Badescu toner lasts me a very long time. The last one, I started using August 27 and I just finished it yesterday after using it every single day.

Before that, I would frequent VMV stores because I know their products work. In my earlier days of blogging, I had a lot of products from VMV which I reviewed here , there , there again and everywhere.

Now- I still have my Mario Badescu toner (not opened yet) but during my recent VMV store trip, I couldn't resist to try something new (and an old fave) from VMV.  Now I wonder why I stopped buying from them in the first place. Must be because makeup was my top priority back then.

This toner is said to invigorate, deep clean  and tone. I started using this few days ago. No major changes yet. Let's see.

This antiperspirant used to be a staple in my stash but then I started using other deodorants. Now let's check if I could rekindle my love affair with this baby.

What are your VMV favorites? And oh, Christmas is coming. I hope you're shopping elegantly:)


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