Happy Birthday to Me

December 04, 2015

Photo Credit: QuotesGram

I admit- I abhor adding a number to my age each year. But to be honest, I feel excited to see what's waiting for me in all my life's aspects. While I have so many wishes that I hope would come true, I have more realizations every time. Each year seems to be different.

Last December 2nd was my birthday. I didn't have much plan though I was thinking of driving up to Subic for a change. However, that didn't push through.Instead, I was with my bestfriend JB and her boyfriend having dinner and by the time I almost killed myself with gluttony, I was greeted with a song and dance plus a cake by some staff of the restaurant. 
The wittiest birthday surprise award however goes to my lovely friends at work. You see- they decorated my work station and wrapped EVERYTHING on it including my laptop, mouse, second monitor, headset, sticky notes, keyboard and even my chair, hahaha! So hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing!

Indeed I have so many things to be thankful for. Despite me being straightforward and most of the time speaking my mind, I have great friends and family who are able to accept me for the person that I am. I definitely feel the love shown by these people. 

A gift from my bestfriend- flats from Butterfly Twists!
I will continue to work on my shortcomings and shall continue to be good despite some setbacks. I wish the same for everyone, too.

Now, hello Christmas- I'm ready for you!


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