Why Humility Keeps Me Sane

December 11, 2015

Most of my friends can attest that I despise people who think they are too special everyone's world must revolve according to theirs. I frown on people who have gigantic sense of entitlement just because. I hate braggarts. Even the humblebraggers. I abhor those who cannot admit mistakes when they are at fault. Those whose ego is as huge as their irrational imagination.

I also hate special treatments. Perhaps every Tuesday- it's okay. But all days in the week? Nah- thank you.

It wasn't too easy for me to acquire genuine humility. It takes a lot of experience and maturity to build one. If you think you are special and I am not, then you better shape up else, my blood should be boiling by then. I am no way war freak- I am just like you in so many ways.

What I learned about being humble is that it makes me simple in words and actions. When I do not demand any sense of entitlement from this world, I feel more grateful. I appreciate even the simplest thing when it should annoy me in the first place. While I still snap from time to time, what's important is that I have created awareness on myself, why it happened and mentally list down the things I could have done better.

I will tell you one thing I do when I start acting up crazy and strange on any given day. When I use sarcasm to get my point and on the verge of launching World War 3. I would usually tell someone to remind me to be good. And that anger is only but a waste of time and energy.

But if you can't avoid altogether- you can make one Tuesday each month to be your #BeastModeDay.

You are human afterall- so it's alright to feel one.

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