How I Spent My 2015 Holidays

January 19, 2016

Happy 2016 everyone!

So how did you spend your holidays? I was away from work for 17 days, imagine!  The last few days of 2015 were spent visiting family and a Japan trip, yay! I spent good old 10 days in the land of the rising sun, Japan:)

I am still trying to wake myself a little more as I really had an amazing time in Fukouka and Tokyo. I was able to see my good friend of 8 yrs, Khim who now lives in Tokyo (I haven't seen her since 2012) and met super cool and awesome people along the way.

I will soon write about my travel experiences and the many fun things I did in Japan. For now- all I really wanted was to say hello and tell you I am still alive and kicking!


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