Drugstore Makeup/ Beauty Shopping in Japan

January 22, 2016

While food makes me sane, makeup makes my eyes sparkle. But maybe not too much anymore (I am trying to age gracefully, lol). Some years ago, I would spend a lot on makeup only because I was curious and not necessarily I want them all in my face at one time. In fact, my friend Khim who lives in Tokyo was quite surprised I wasn't too crazy about buying makeup in Tokyo anymore.

My theory is that now I already know which products work for me and which don't. And so I am a more intelligent buyer now (naks!). Sometimes, I would falter and I think that's alright (we are all humans afterall).

I would suggest hitting convenience stores in Japan like Lawson, 7-11 or Family Mart, Cosme and  Matsumoto Kiyoshi stores as if you are a beauty addict! My Japan beauty buys are mainly eyebrow products, believe it or not. I purchased about four (4) eyebrow products from Fasio, Shiseido, Cezanne and K Palette. Now- don't raise your eyebrows yet!

The curious monkey inside me inspired me to try some good old foundation/ concealer too which I have never seen in Manila. I knew it would be too thick in terms of consistency but then again, any girl can't have too many foundation, right?

I also dabbled in powder foundation from Shiseido. It is quite pricier than usuall (around 2,000 yen I think) but it has great coverage but not long lasting:(

I also got curious with Shiseido's Fullmake Washable Base. Never seen this one in Manila!

I just realized one thing though. Buying lipsticks in Japan can be overwhelming because you got too many choices. Chifure is an affordable brand in Japan and they have lippies as low as 300 yen (Php 120.00). And the colors are just tons, they can pretty much suit anyone in this planet.

I purchased two blushes, a cream blush from Vise recommended by Khim  and a shimmery pink blush from Cezanne which is very affordable and resembled my Clinique blush some years ago.

I have a secret too. I love hair oils though my hair can be flat and lacks volume, I can say it is never stiff and smooth to touch. A lot of times even in Japan, they would compliment my hair color and tell me it suits me (special thanks goes out to my colorist, Maui). 

But my best buys from Japan would have to be my Shiseido Anessa sunblock for 2,300 yen ( Php 920.00) and my Tsubaki shampoo and conditioner (800 yen or  Php 320.00) which are relatively cheaper over there. 

I didn't really buy myself tons of makeup to be honest because I still have a lot in my stash and buying would not only hurt my wallet but my whole sanity. I am keen on buying skin care now these days. 

I was already in the airport when I picked up this Hada Labo Facial Mist.

Overall, it is worth your while to check out beauty products in Japan as most products work and you can be assured they are of good quality (of course please check if they are really made in Japan, okay?).


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