How to Apply: Japan Visa for Filipinos

January 21, 2016

I just came back from a 10-day trip in Japan covering two cities, Tokyo and Fukouka. Tokyo is more cosmopolitan being the capital while Fukouka is more laidback. I was told by someone that if you plan to excel professionally, go to Tokyo as there are more job opportunities over there. On the other hand, if you want to raise a family and have a work-life balance, then Fukouka could be your best bet.

If you are wondering how difficult it is to get a Japan visa if you have a Filipino passport, don't stress yourself too much because it is actually easier than you thought. The rule of thumb is this: Have all your documents/ requirements ready and be detailed about them.

I compiled the requirements based from their website:

Also, all applications must be coursed through accredited agencies (no, you can't just visit the Japan embassy unannounced. For the list of accredited agencies, click here.)


First of all, I applied without a guarantor so I am not sure how your chances would be if you have one. Maybe better? But there would be tons of paperwork required from your guarantor so please consider that you would need to "bother" them anyhow.

After gathering all the documents (I had to get my birth certificate from NSO on that very day from the Makati City Hall and you can get it the same day for Php 160.00. Alternatively, you can also get it online but it shall arrive few more days to account for delivery time), I went to Friendship Travel and Tours located at Dusit Hotel. I paid Php 1,200.00 as processing fee.

I also submitted my BIR Form 2316 (photocopy only), Certificate of Employment (original) or COE and very detailed itinerary by listing all the places I wanted to visit. I didn't include a flight ticket when I submitted my application and it is not really a requirement.

I was told that the processing will be for a week but just after 2 days when the agency submitted it, I received a call from them (agency) saying my passport was now ready for pick up! Super fast!

How much money I presented in my bank certificate? To be honest, I don't feel comfortable disclosing this information but you need to make sure you have enough funds to cover the number of days you intend to stay in Japan. To illustrate, factor the amount of flight tickets, hotel/ hostel expenses, in-city travel expenses (trains, bus, taxi, etc.) plus your food expenses. 

Also, the more honest you are in your application, the better. It will save you time and effort in memorizing lies when you set foot in the land of the rising sun. If you think you hit the jackpot once you get the visa, please bear in mind that the Japanese immigration officials may still refuse you entry if upon questioning as you embark Japan, yields inconsistencies in your statements.

Best of all, pray. Sometimes we get too confident that we forget there is a higher being controlling all of these situations. As humans, we can only do so much. 

I enjoyed Japan tremendously that I had been consistently thinking about the trip even days after I came back, haha! There are  just too many things to see and experience. I also met so many people along the way whom I will always remember in my next travel. I will share them all here soon!

So if you are planning to go to Japan, best of luck and just relax, they have eased up the process since last year so it means you should too!


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