TRAVEL SPOTTING | Get Ready. Pack. Go.

April 04, 2012

"Life is like a book. If you don't travel, you stay in one place."

Every word in that statement is indeed true. If we don't pack our bags and decide to see the world, you delay coming to terms with your own sorroundings.

Every air, sunlight, rain and even our own existence makes this universe in equilibrium. Hence the inability to bond with a culture not only your own is a wasted opportunity.

If I am going to plan my life now in detail, the goal is to take the first flight out of sunny Manila. Be it some local destination or overseas, the goal is to be a traveler.

When you get this fleeting feeling of uncertainty and you think that to be able to find yourself you gotta lose it, the next step is indeed to contemplate.

Some people never understand that after each trip, one comes back a whole new person. The ache of each muscle, the empty wallets and bucket of sweat brought by traveling is no match to the experience it has brought to your life.

So when you start doubting whether traveling is for you, my advice is you just gotta try. You won't know until you try right?

And when you are ready just say to yourself: "Okay Old Self-- get ready. Pack. And just go."

But please don't forget to come back alive because you still gotta save up for your next trip!

Miss J

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