BAG SPOTTING | Fino Satchel in Mustard

April 14, 2012

Happy Saturday Bellas!

Today was extremely traffic it took us about 1.5 hours to get to QC from Taft Avenue by cab for the baptism of my cousin's super pretty baby. Bummer.

The good news was we made it to the reception and sooo happy to see my relatives whom I haven't seen for sometime. It was indeed a happy event for us.

Anyhow, we soon found ourselves taking the LRT to avoid traffic only to get off at Pedro Gil station to pick up my super love Fino folded wallet at Robinson's Manila which needed repair back then.

I was elated to know that I will soon be reunited with my Fino wallet but only to discover that they fixed something which need not to be fixed and that meant I had to leave it again for another round of repair. It sucks I know but then something caught my eye in that very moment! A Fino mustard satchel!

I was told this baby costs about php 10,000+ which is too pricey for my taste but then I still can't stop lemming for it. I want it sooooo bad I wished it's christmas so everyone must have a reason to splurge, lol.

I think this Fino bag is my ultimate wish for this year so please remember all you readers, that you have the power to make it come true, hihihi!

The bag is available in black, brown, blue and mustard as told by their sales attendant,

And of course, I need a photo to remind me that "something" is waiting for me at Fino soon!

Miss J

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