April 21, 2012

I'll take a break from writing makeup today so you can now skip this post. But if you are feeling anxious to know me other than my lipsticks, read on!

In my other posts, I mentioned about my cat. He happens to be a persian cat.

Since he is going away for few months, most of his time is spent watching tv hehehe. I know he loves football a lot because when football is on TV, he watches it like he isn't a cat, lol.

Yesterday the cat's actions told me he is indeed a Messi fan.

Messi who? No other than Lionel Messi, probably the most popular and richest football player in the world. He plays for FC Barcelona but originally from Argentina.

Bubu's eyes were glowing whenever Messi's face is on my lappy's youtube.

Oh eemmm geee! I hope the cat is not gay! Ahihihihi!

Miss J

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