OF FASHION AND BLOGGING | Aaron and What True Philippine Street Fashion is All About

April 17, 2012

Is fashion only for perfect-looking, rich, slender, modelesque people? In this day and age when internet is most accessible, you see a lot of fashion bloggers writing in almost perfect outfits. bodies and pictures. They are starting to look very "dreamy".

So when I stumbled an article about this "normal looking" fashion blogger named Aaron people were raising eyebrows all over. I say normal because he is rocking what the Philippine street fashion is all about that no one dared! I enjoy reading his posts:)

Photo from: http://iamaaronc.blogspot.com

Apparently, he was a trending topic over social networking site, Twitter. You can't blame them, the boy is no "dreamy" fashion blogger. He is different from anyone else. In fact, he is one of the "normal" fashion bloggers I know to date. I gathered that all he ever wanted was a follow (back) from his idol, stylist Liz Uy. And come on-- he is only fourteen for Christ's sake! Give him a break!

Society is harsh about 90% of the time IMHO. The recent influx of toned and doll-like bloggers makes ordinary bloggers tacky.

Which made me think whether I blog with sense. I am an ordinary person- alright, plump, and not modelesque. And yet I don't care, haha!

Here is my take on ordinary people taking chances on fashion blogging:

- We are real people and fashion is for everyone. 
- You have your own style no matter what. Own it. Breathe it. Love it.
- Fashion to me is an expression. If you don't want me to express myself, you are free to close your browser and move on to the next blog.

People who subjectively critic "normal" people blogging their love for fashion, makeup and what's hot are shallow, insecure and pathetic. If you truly trust in your own capabilities, you shouldn't even feel threatened or feel being shaken.

So to this rising fashion icon boy Aaron, I hope you won't disheartened by people's opinions about you. Not every 14- year-old has that passion for fashion like you do. You are simple and real and I'd rather read your blog rather than those who are constantly stuck on expensive brands who think fashion is all about the LV's, Gucci's and the like.

Here's to all bashers in the word: " Walang basagan ng trip, pwde?" Translation: "Don't break my journey, ok?" LOL!!!

Miss J

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