April 05, 2012

Ciao Bellas!

It's Holy Week and holy sick-- I am down with upper respiratory tract infection! I don't like this feeling:(

I came to visit a doctor yesterday and confirmed my suspicions that I indeed got some virus somewhere! These all started last Tuesday and could not stop sneezing for some reason! And when I woke up that night, I was feverish and throat hurts like hell.

So now I am on house arrest and munching on these pills as per advised by my doctor. He said I need to get real rest otherwise I will just prolong these colds and cough.

So for now I shall be a good girl and put my halo for the time being, lol.

I wonder why people get sick in the first place. My guess is that it is God's way of slowing us down, reflect on our past decisions and ultimately teach us all a lesson. And as we ponder in these lessons, my hope is that may we all get the message and recover soon.

Miss J

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