April 30, 2012

While at the beach,we met a couple-- an Italian and his wife who happens to be a Filipina.

Oh eemmgeeee! The wife can speak fluent Italian which made me very jealous,lol.

I was congratulating myself for remembering my Italian as I spoke to their son Ricardo. I spoke to him in Italiano what's his name, how old he is, where he lives-- which are all basic Italiano.

In 2009, I went to an Italian Language school for 6 months. So much of this Eat. Pray. Love book haha, but I enjoyed it tremendously because learning Italian was one of the things in my bucket list. I met several great people who became my friends along the way. My previous blog had some Italian flavor to it as the title was in pure Italian.

Fast forward to 2012. I suck in Italian but who knows I might consider to learn Italiano again. Or perhaps move to Italy so I can find a great excuse to eat pizza and pasta everyday!

Whatever it is- I bet you it's sooooo cool to learn a new language. You'll never know when it will come handy.

Miss J

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