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April 22, 2012

  Happy Sunday, Bellas! Hope all is well with you guys.

I was trying on my bridesmaid's dress yesterday for my childhood friend who is getting hitched in June. We knew each other since we were in fourth grade, attended same class up until senior high and he is by the way a guy so imagine my surprise when he asked me and our other friend to be bridesmaids. He does for sure how to value true friends like me (naks!).

You can say that we were deeply touched because IMHO, it is usually the bride's choice who wil be her bridesmaids.

Anyhow I was relieved to know it fitted me to a "T" and I was coaching myself to skip burgers and fries until that event. Well let's see if I can do it:)

Moving on to the main event, I want to talk about The Body Shop Skin Primer Matte It.

I picked up this primer for php 895.00 because you do all know I have the oily skin type and though it spares me from wrinkles, it still bothers me to death when I see my face shining.

This primer is silicone-based so if you are allergic to silicones you can look away.

Me Says:

- Velvety, smooth face after application which makes your foundie glides perfectly
- A little amount goes a long way
- Comes in a clear tube and easy to know how much product is left


- Ingredients not listed
- Expensive for php 895.00
- Oil- control was a fail:(

Overall Verdict:

3.5 Lipsticks

I had high hopes for this thingy because The Body Shop is a brand I truly respect but then this product does not help me with oil control especially at this time of the year. It is summer in Manila. I still think that this is a good product and have decided to wear this in much cooler months to come. Summer is fun but not for my skin.

Have you tried this product yet? How was it?

Miss J

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