REVISITED | Eyelash Extensions at I-Lash Extensions Salon Review

January 06, 2013

Happy New Year everyone! Today is the first Sunday of January which incidentally is the Three Kings Day in the Philippines. Right after Christmas, we celebrate the journey of the noble Three Kings who visited Jesus right after He was born.

So anyhow, the new year means a new beginning so when my friend JB asked me whether I would be interested to try getting an eyelash extension at I-Lash Extensions Salon at The Link(in front of Landmark), I said yes but in my heart, I had a little hesitation. I didn't like the idea of having an extra baggage in my lashes. I had lasik surgery sometime in February last year and I'm pretty sure it won't impact my eyes but just the same I had been pretty careful after the surgery because it was the best gift I had ever given myself so far.

Now what is an eyelash extension offered at I-Lash Extensions Salon? Here's what I gathered from their site.

Next to natural
I-Lash Extensions are applied individually to appear that they actually have roots. Our eyelash extensions also have a natural-looking curve, so that you would not have to worry about having to use eyelash curlers everytime.

I-Lash Extensions Salon provides the exciting, state-of-the-art technology in eyelash aesthetics. With this technology, eyelashes are made to be thicker, longer, more attractive, and more natural-looking than other eyelashes with extensions. These are applied by specially-trained professionals who use a new formulation made specifically for I-Lash Extensions.

We at i-Lash Extensions Salon provide eyelash extensions in any possible color that you want, whether it be the natural color of your eyelashes, or even the most outrageous colors of the season, you want it, we got it specially for you. Anything to make your eyelashes look more beautiful.

I-Lash Extensions are not just ordinary eyelash extensions you can get anywhere. These are state-of-the-art eyelash extensions which are not just more natural-looking, but also more cost-effective than most eyelash extensions in the market today. I-Lash Extensions Salon also provides consultation services, which could help you determine ways on how to make your extensions last longer, and your eyelashes even more beautiful.

The process took me about an hour and a half for a natural eyelash extension which costs Php 800.00 The place at The Link was pretty small so it was kinda hard to move freely I had to stay outside while waiting for my friend JB finish hers. The attendants were accommodating and helpful.

And few days after, I am surprised the lashes are still stuck on me, lol. I definitely think that if you think mascara annoys you everyday when putting on makeup, here's an easy solution which can last up to a month. It can definitely put an extra pretty points on your look. Yey!

Now for complete list of do's and don'ts check out here.

That's how my lashes looked like after few days.

Try Again: Super, duper YES!
For complete prices, check out here. For branches near you, check here.

The Link 2nd floor 
(In front of Land Mark) 
Contact Numbers: (02) 666 6340 
0916 392 2115

Now for new year, I'd say: "Don't be afraid, just do it."

Miss J

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