REVISITED | BYS Matte Eyeshadow Review

January 25, 2013

I prefer matte eyeshadows better than metallics, that's for sure. 

And here's a contender all the way from Australia, the newly introduced brand here in the Philippines last year is called BYS Cosmetics. 

I heard this brand is very popular in the land down under for its quality and yet affordable product line. Of course, I should not miss it! I picked up a small palette from the BYS store at the SM Mall of Asia (Ground Floor, Department Store) last year.  

BYS Matte Eyeshadow palette attracted me simply because it was matte, wearable and compact. I have no idea how pigmented they are or whether they stay long enough in my lids. Sometimes, it's alright to throw caution in the wind and let fate surprise you, noh?

This product retails for Php 399 and you get 8 matte colors. I thought that's pretty neat.

Me Says:

Wearable colors
From pink and purple to teal and black, I think this is worth your buck as you get 8 colors in one palette.

They are pretty pigmented alright, but perhaps not as those pricey ones. Yet I have no complaints. 

Stays Put (under eye primer)
I always wear primer before putting on my eyeshadow so they last longer especially since I have oily lids. They stay put very nicely as long as you prep with the right primer.

No Fallout(s)s For Me
The key is to take only what you need. Don't rub too much or else you'd risk on getting a bunch of color which leads to one messy application.


I wish they put more thought on this before resorting into some poorly made casing. 

Color Selection
I wish they would have more matte selections in various colors. Oh well, that's just me blabbering.

Overall Verdict

4.00 Lipsticks

I can wear this everyday without any remorse as the colors are basic and wearable. I find myself using this palette more often these days.

Buy Again: Yes. I'm a matte- fan forever!

I think BYS, being reasonably priced, can stir the makeup scene in Manila. What do you think? 

Miss J

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