IL TERRAZO | Yoogane Korean Restaurant Review

January 20, 2013

Alright, this is the next stop after my review on Grand Momma's Kitchen. 

Recently, I was invited along with other bloggers to sample a couple of restaurants in Il Terrazzo, a mall so full of cool places to eat.

So after Grand Momma's,  we found ourselves sampling all the cuteness and colorful ambiance of Yoogane. 

Yoogane is a famous restaurant in South Korea and you'll be glad to know that they are finally here in the Philippines since last year.

The place is so colorful that it reminded me of all the pretty things I saw in my Korea trip in 2010. I was a solo traveler in the streets of Seoul during that summer and I didn't have much time in feeding my tummy with tons of Korean dishes as I was concentrating on the places I must visit. One look at the inside of the place will give you an idea how dining in Seoul would be: colorful, vibrant, happy and pretty.

The streets of Seoul can be this colorful, mind you. Afterall, we watched too many Koreanovelas (come on, admit it, because I did, haha!). I was hooked on Korean movies at one point. 

For starters, don't be surprised if you get these extra side dishes when you make a trip to a Korean restaurant. In Seoul, it is pretty normal. Tayo lang naman yatang Pinoy ang walang side dishes masyado, ano? Mahilig tayo sa bonggang sawsawan, lol. 

I regret though that I haven't had the chance to taste the famous, Dak Galbi during my trip back then. It is a popular South Korean dish generally made by stir-fryingmarinated diced chicken in a gochujang (chili pepper paste) based sauce, and sliced cabbage, sweet potato, scallions, onions and tteok (rice cake) together on a hot plate.

So Yoogane fulfilled what I failed to do in my 2010 trip: Try Dak Galbi. 

Now let's review a couple of how-to's:

Galbi from what I gathered means stir fried, in short, gisa gisa lang ang peg ng Korean dish na etoFor a price of Php 285.00 I think it's worth your while. If you aren't keen on spicy dishes, you may order some extra mozzarella cheese for Php 80 to counter the chilli pepper taste.

Now here's a tip, if you are weak in the spicy department. Gulp one Yakult after trying Dak Galbi!
For folks who don't fancy the chilli, try Bulgogi for Php 260. It is a Korean dish that usually consists of grilledmarinated beef, chicken or pork.

Or you may try their Korean Beef Stew (Galbi Jim in Korean, I think!) for Php 380.

Samgyeopsal for Php 270 however was a treat as well.I tried this in Seoul and I must say it is the real deal. It is a popular Korean dish commonly served as an evening meal, it consists of thick, fatty slices of pork belly meat (similar to uncured bacon). The meat, usually neither marinated nor seasoned, is cooked on a grill at the diners' table (from Wikipedia).

Galbi Gui for Php 370 was super yummy too. Galbi Gui is made with marinated beef (or pork) short ribs in a ganjang-based sauce (Korean soy sauce).

Oh dumplings! I love dumplings! I ate an almost similar dumping everyday in Taiwan. This dish is called Mul Mandu for Php 160.

And if you are a fan of grilling while eating, then a trip to Yoogane is a must. And don't worry you'd smell of smoke after because you can cook dishes in this odd-looking piece of technology, hihi. So futuristic noh?

For a complete set of menu, see below:

Yoogane definitely tops my list as the best Korean restaurant I've visited to date.

Now-- if you want to beat that, well you need to prove me wrong.

I'd say it is also a value for money because the Dak Galbi for example can be shared by 2-3 people. Beat that!

Visit Yoogane at:
IL Terrazzo Mall
G/F IL Terrazzo Mall, 305 Tomas Morato Ave cor Sct Madriñan StLaging Handa, Quezon City

Miss J

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  1. if you will be visiting yoogane, and your bill reaches 750 worth, you will have a 5 day free pass at 360 fitness center

    1. update: just recently me and family had dinner again at yoogane and they have a lot of new dishes in their menu.

    2. Hi there-- I would love to come back honestly. Just that I live in Makati and seldom do I go to the QC area. But one day I won't mind camping there to eat again. I absolutely love their dishes:)