IL TERRAZZO | Grand Momma's Kitchen Review

January 13, 2013

First of all, I must tell you that I am a work-in-progress in the kitchen (translation: hardly cooks)  and yet I simply know how to appreciate food. When I travel in new places even here or abroad, it has been a tradition to at least try one or two dishes to satisfy my curiosity.

When Il Terrazzo, a famous mall in the Quezon City area,  invited me to try a couple of cool restaurants, I knew I had to revisit my taste buds to see if they are in excellent condition.

First stop: Grand Momma's Kitchen.

Grand Momma's Kitchen at Il Terrazzo
I just honestly think Grand Momma's Kitchen is such a cool name, noh?

The eating begins with a menu, of course!
This homey, simple, country(ish) and laid back place gives you a warm feeling. Yes to simply put, its a kind of feeling you get when you visit your grand momma and papa back in the days when they were so happy to see you just hugging and kissing you all over.

The place is not that grand like of a five-star hotel breakfast place to begin with but I must say it has its own charms. This restaurant recently opened December last year.

The place reminds me of a breakfast place indeed, where you can simply put all your worries at the door and enjoy a good meal. They serve various dishes such as American and Italian to name a few.

Grand Momma's Kichen Platter with sidings (Php 455.00)

Macaroni and Cheese (Php 45,00)

Broccoli Alfredo (Php 175.00)

Smoked Baby Back Ribs (Php 255.00)

Aglio Oglio (Php 155.00) 

L-R: Food bloggers Sumi of ThePurpleDoll, Yours Truly, the charming and articulate owner of Grand Momma's Kitchen and Jason of OneStyle.

Thank you, Grand Momma's Kitchen for my happy tummy:)

My personal picks are the Grand Momma's Platter Kitchen as I can really feel the herbs and spices( though I wished they cooked the chicken longer) and the Broccoli Pasta which was very creamy and yummy.

Grand Momma's Kitchen 
Beside Jack Loft
Ground Floor of Il Terrazzo Mall 
Along Tomas Morato St. cor. Scout Madrinan, Quezon City

Happy eating!

Miss J

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