Hello there, I am Back!

September 05, 2014

Hola, hola everyone! 
I've been soooooo guilty of procrastination over the past months. Yes, I was busy with work, life and everything in between.  In between my real job and being a woman, I also had to learn how to drive and sort of personal issues that I would not rather talk about. A lot of things happened since I came back from my Dubai trip last April. So overwhelming I must say.

To enumerate my grown up issues I had to deal with for the past months, let me give you a rundown:

Learning how to drive is not easy (at least for me).

I had my first taste of minor road accident (excuse me, not my fault. Of course it was the other person’s fault!).
I scratched Lance (yeah, that's his name) for the second time (goodness, it made me very, very upset, I wanted to kill myself!).

  Dealt with the car insurance and fixed Lance.

Family issues I had to deal with back in July. 

  I was uninspired (yeah, this is something I had to fix right away!)

I’ve been meaning to write beauty blog posts but all the time I ended up doing something else. Has this ever happened to you? I guess I am getting old. And that I am losing all my hard-earned patience. Or maybe I am just simply being lazy.

Well the good news is I am back to blogging again! So hello there everyone! 

And yes, I am looking back at you.


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