Dubai Diaries Day 1: The Arrival

April 19, 2014

Hola, hola and lots of hola to all of you! I need to compensate for the lost time and lack of updates. I recently changed my Instagram bio to: "When I am not trying makeup, I am consumed by wanderlust."

I just came back from a recent trip to the city of Dubai in United Arab Emirates (UAE) for a week's holiday. I have no expectations from this country in the Middle East, instead I expected the worst: humid weather, desert, and camels. Clearly I was ignorant. I wanted to travel to Europe but the opportunity was there on my feet, so I grabbed it.

Now the visa, which I plan to talk about in a separate blog was finally taken cared of, I only have about 3 days to prepare. I even failed to inform some friends of my trip, that was how kind of unexpected the trip was. 

I took the Emirates Airlines direct flight to Dubai. Their Boeing 777 plane was just awesome for an 8-9 hour flight. I was entertained, fed and cared for like a baby. In the future, I would probably use Emirates a lot for long flights especially Dubai. I arrived around past midnight and at the airport noticed how multi-cultural the city is. There are locals referred to as Emiratis alright but you can't deny the number of people not looking like them.

After I settled in my room where I stayed, I remember the buildings I've seen, the cosmopolitan vibe I felt as we drove the streets, it is midnight yet the city is full of never ending lights. There are modern structures, huge highways, and it is not even a dead city as I hoped it would be.

As I close my eyes, I felt guilty for not researching much on this trip. But it's okay, I have the morning to think about it.

Then in the morning, this was the view from my room. I knew exactly this is going to be an exciting day for me.


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