Dubai Diaries Day 3: Mall of the Emirates, Deira City Centre, CityWalk Dubai, Sephora Shopping

April 24, 2014

My third day in Dubai was spent visiting the malls. And yes, eat shawarma too! I’ve been having it almost everyday during my trip for dinner time. 

When I travel, the plan is to not to have a plan! Well maybe not literally but I don’t like having this massive plans of visiting tons of museums or parks that defeats the purpose of my own definition of enjoyment. So the third day was the time to hit the malls. And oh, I plan on makeup shopping too!


It was around 2pm that we decided to start our adventure. While in the car, we decided to stop for  *karak (also called Masala chai said to be very popular in South Asia). It was so yummy that I burned a part of my gums, lol. I am not a true-blood tea fan for crying out loud. In fact, it is only very recently that I started drinking tea at work and home. Karak however is so delicious that I started craving for it too everyday during my trip.

We then went first to the Mall of the Emirates. The Mall of the Emirates, is a premiere shopping mall in Dubai, features 520 international brands, including fashion, lifestyle, sports and electronics according to Google. It is huge indeed and lots of special shops. 

 At the Mall of Emirates, my eyes lit up to see Sephora. Sephora is my tiny piece of heaven when I travel. I see this as my refuge and makes me forget how tired my feet are after days of traveling. I checked out some Sephora items but didn’t buy anything, yet. I am just in the beginning of my trip so I’d like to think about my makeup purchases before actually buying them. 
I did like its Italian inspired architecture I could not resist taking a picture. 

Then we decided to sit at P.F. Chang’s restaurant. It is a modern Chinese restaurant and decided to have some appetizer. Dynamite shrimps was the choice! It was yummy and spicy and melts in your mouth. It’s a must try!

We spent few hours at the Mall of Emirates then decided to drop by at Deira City Centre, a very popular mall where most Filipinos would hang out. But because it was almost 10pm, I was only able to pick up few items from New Look, a clothing store and missed H&M because it was closing time. 

Then we thought it was early to have dinner so we decided to see CityWalk, a new shopping center which opened last year with an outdoor concept. It can be very romantic for couples to wine, dine and shop at this area. The fountain at the center is so pretty I asked someone to take a photo of me with the Burj Khalifa at the background.

 Then another Sephora shop! I decided to pick up a lippie and a pressed powder (since it is summer in Manila).

Then of course the dinner is courtesy of Antar once again. I was in shawarma heaven soon after. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this piece of bread.

When I got into my room that night, I silently thanked God for allowing me to be in this beautiful city.

And of course, for letting me eat three (3) pieces of shawarma without actually killing myself.


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