Dealing with Haters (or Bashers)

September 25, 2014

I just had a sumptuous meal, starting my day right and then saw a comment from one social media user on another user that she is ugly. The giver doesn't even know the receiver personally. We were always told that one's character is more important than good looks, right? And that's what I thought too.
Out of curiosity, I checked out the guy's profile and true enough, he is definitely not good-looking either. To have the audacity to belittle someone still shocks me. But I should not be surprised that these days, those who lack beauty in physical aspect or mediocre in their skills or talents gain satisfaction by hating someone he or she is not capable of being or doing. If ugly people can say ugly things to someone who is obviously more beautiful than him, or better than him, then this world seems f*cked up. But such is the harsh reality of life in the world we live now.

Okay, we've all been guilty of this probably at one point. Even I did try to compare myself to others in the past. Looked at other girls and thought I was better. But people grow up and change.  To find beauty in every person or situation makes me feel better now. 

The thing with technology is that while it has simplified our lives for the better, it also became a breeding ground for hatred and negative people to go wild with their shaming-spree. The promise of anonymity also attracts other people to carelessly throw insensitive comments on one's appearance, quality of work and even the falling of a leaf just to make a point how irrelevant it may seem. Just so much opinions are thrown left and right even when they don't seem to matter at all.

So how do you handle these kind of people? I-G-N-O-R-E. No matter how hard it may seem. Even if you may cry a little or think of it for two or even five minutes. Even if it won't allow you to eat your cake right away because you felt bad after hearing it. Just let it go. You need to remember that while opinion of others matter, it is your opinion of yourself which truly matters.

Haters gonna hate. That's for sure. But you must also make sure to love yourself and detach yourself from this negativity brought to you by these lonely, insecure and obviously needing love from other  human beings. So yes, all they need is LOVE just like anyone else. Send them more love by praying for their sanity-- that they may get it back and never leave them again.

Look at the world we live in-- there are enough hatred already. So next time one person tells you you're ugly, look at the person saying that to you. I'm 90% sure, he or she is out of your league or worst, uglier or mediocre than you. They probably hate the kind of life you live, the smile you have in your face, envious of your success or wish they were on your shoes. These people, to take time in making you feel crap, now that was quite an effort! You should feel even honored you were worthy of the attention. Some people in their effort to be the best, forget how it is like to be kind to others.

Now, smile and thank God you wouldn't have to pull others down just to make yourself feel better because you already feel at your best.

So haters, come on: Even Taylor Swift is shaking you off.


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