REVISITED | Ever Bilena Original Eye Pencil in Off White Review

April 30, 2013

Hola, hola my loves! How is your week so far? May is coming! Oh my gosh, can you believe it!

I remembered declaring last year as my smokey eye year, lol. I would often practice lots of smokey shadows. What gives?

Well I just thought my eyes can look more defined with that kind of look. Ehem...

But today, I am going to take away the spotlight on my black eyeliner and share to you how a simple white eyeliner can make your eyes instantly bigger and brighter using one of my favorite drugstore brands, Ever Bilena.

So ladies, say hello to Ever Bilena Original Eye Pencil in Off White (Php 95.00 or $2.00).

There are various ways to use that white eyeliner and I am going to share to you how I often use it.

1.     Trace my eyebrow if I don’t want to start overplucking them. I got this tip from one of Michelle Phan’s videos.
2.     Use the white eyeliner in the inner corner of my eyes to instantly brighten my eyes for that “wide-eyed” look.
3.     Use in my waterline to make my eyes pop (it’s kind of hard to look like chinita all the time, so here’s an easy solution!).
4.     Use this as brow bone highlighter. Enough said.

Ever Bilena stores are quite small, unassuming and yet you can find some gems hidden on them. Apart from their products being super affordable,  some of these products really work and one of them is this one. Okay, so now on to the review.

Me Says:
* Not too glittery, it’s subtle and yet works*
* It’s very affordable for Php 95.00*
* Glides easily and smoothly I never hurt my eyes. Ever.*
*Made in Germany*

*Because it’s not too glittery, you need to build the product to get the look you want*
* Not quite pigmented maybe for some but excellent for everyday look*

Overall Verdict:
4.00  Lipsticks
My daytime look with just enough white eyeliner on my lower eyelids.

CAUTION: If you are going for a night time look, I suggest to look away from this product as it may not look as obvious in your pictures. I suggest getting a more glittery type of product to highlight the inner corners of your eyes. This product however is perfect for that everyday look. It gives you that relaxed, not too made-up look nobody would notice you even had them on.
But I really like this product for its affordability and subtleness. I find myself stacking this in my everyday bag more often than my black eyeliner which I would normally wear just before I step out of my humble abode.

Buy Again: Yes why not! This is such a steal!

Have you had luck on Ever Bilena products? Let me know!

Miss J

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  1. awesome review.
    and yes, it is not that pigmented
    still it is affordable and good for
    just an everyday look.


    keyti of brushesandpens

    1. That's right not too pigmented but still I like it. Thanks for the comment Keyti, appreciate it.

  2. Back in college I bought white eyeliner as well and use it for an everyday look. EB has a white eyeliner pala haven't seen this one in the counters or maybe I'm just not looking hard enough. LOL. Thanks for the review! :)


    1. Hi Gellie, so honored you visited my blog. Thanks a lot and hopefully this EB white eyeliner works for you too!

  3. If they have something that's more of a peach color, then I might use it for everyday. Glad you like this one though! :)


    1. Yeah, peach or flesh toned pencil look more natural IMHO. Ever Bilena has a flesh toned pencil liner too.