My Most Wanted Youtube Beauty Gurus

April 25, 2013

When I got extra time to spare, I would usually check out beauty tutorials online in Youtube. Prior to owning this blog, I was a busy lurker on these beauty channels and blogs. Youtube is a very nice community of awesome people. I like variety and for what its worth, I can almost find anything I want to see. 

I was asked several times by my friends who are my fave beauty gurus in Youtube. While I watch a lot of tutorials online, I must admit I have my usual list. So in this post, I am going to list down my all time/ current faves:

Michelle Phan (aka Ricebunny)
Ask anyone who is into beauty tutorials and Michelle comes up in the top list. I like her tutorials simply because they are short and so easy to follow.

Promise Tamang Phan 

She is Michelle's sister-in-law but wow, this girl can easily transform into almost anyone she wishes to be. Her tutorials are simply amazing, I am always in awe how she does it. She can be Taylor Swift (see photo above),  Michael Jackson, Angeline Jolie, Johnny Depp, Kim K, etc. Promise is originally from Nepal and moved to America when she was young. She's a magician,indeed!

If you are curious how she looks (oh well, normally), here's a photo:

Jermaine (aka Jlovesmac1)

Whenever I get sad or having a bad day, I watch her videos. She talks nonstop (believe me like a machine gun, hehehe), sexy and very very funny! She's not afraid to speak her mind and would not care to throw the F word when she wants. She's real and just likes being herself, so why care anyway! She loves pets and exercising! Her recent trip to Manila was heartbreaking for me only because I didn't get to see her but hey, I hope to see her one day. She is by the way Filipino who moved to the States when she was young.

Ana Victorino

Gosh, she's so young and yet very talented. Her tutorials are short and easy to follow too. What I like about Ana is the fact that she constantly wants to learn more about the industry and remains humble despite her success as a makeup artist and a Youtube star. She lives in Manila so hopefully I get to meet her one day.

Judy (aka itsjudytime)

I've been a fan of Judy since she was single and even now that she has Juliana (her baby) and her hubby. I was almost about to attend to her meet and greet about 2 years ago here in Manila but oh well, you guessed it right-- work has to come first! Booo.

Say Tioco

She vlogs about her life which makes me feel like I was there! And yeah, even when she had a new bf, I was secretly sooo kilig, ssshhhhhh.... I started reading Say's blog when she was just starting back then and now that she is very successful, I feel happy that she also remained humble and continue to write about beauty products she road tested and swear by. She is also from Manila and I thought had seen her in SM Mall of Asia at one time. I was just too shy to say hello:)

Noe Mae Villagonzalo

She has the perfect brows, gosh! She does it perfectly I get jealous a lot, lol.. Sya ang peg ko if gusto kong maging eyebrows isang araw, hehehehe... This Cebuana is an excellent makeup artist, her tutorials are awesome!

So far, their tutorials are the ones I watched over and over again but there are other excellent beauty gurus in Youtube who I also admire, believe me. Thanks ladies for inspiring everyone and  wishing you all more success!

As for my fave beauty bloggers, well-- that's another post worth telling!

Stay pretty, my loves!

Miss J

Disclosure: All photos used in this post were from their respective blogs.

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  1. I follow them all! <3

    1. They are very talented, right? Thanks for visiting:)

  2. I love these beauty gurus as well
    And.. bubzbeauty! :)

  3. Thank you for including me in your line-up, Miss J! :) you're very very kind :)

    1. You're welcome! Wow Ms. Noe you visited my blog! Thanks a lot. It means a lot to me:)