April 27, 2013

Don’t you just hate it when someone asks you this dreaded question: “ Why are you still not married?”

Yes, she just used the word, “still”.


I may have hit the big 3-0 sometime but hello, that doesn’t mean I am from another planet, noh. It's so 1950's.... 2013 na po.

I was with a group of people recently and someone nonchalantly asked this bomb question to me.

For the purpose of this blog, I’ll write down two responses:

Pang Miss Universe na sagot: 

“Thank you very much for that intriguing question. I am still single simply because I value life, not just mine but my future partner’s and babies too. You see, I was brought up by my lovely parents to only engage into something wherein calculated risks had been evaluated. I strongly feel that I am still preparing myself to be a better partner to my future husband if not the best. I believe in the sanctity of marriage so I need to make sure I am 100% ready before I receive the sacrament of matrimony.”

I can almost hear the uproar of applause from a full packed audience if that happens, noh. My mom in heaven will probably kiss me on my cheeks for being articulate if she hears that.

Now for my other (most truthful) response:

I will probably do this (not say, ha) : Deadma.” < sabay kain!>


Simply because like most women today, I have a choice.  And this is the choice I made.

So yes, stop asking me that question. Please.

But wait... I maybe....

Miss J

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  1. I've been asked this question too many times I don't feel anything any more. At hindi lang sya sa mga single and available tinatanong.

    Me and E are always asked kung bakit di pa kami nagpapakasal. Paulit-ulit-ulit na namaster na namin ang mga sagot.

    Many pinoys have a habit of asking very personal questions like: bakit wala ka pang asawa, bakit di pa kayo nagpapakasal, bakit di pa kayo nagkakaanak. Hindi uso ang mind your own business dito, haha.

  2. Hi Rae you have a point sometimes I'm tempted to be rude but then again here in the Philippines it's cultural thing to ask this question undermining the woman's reason for being so. Thanks for visiting:)