REVISITED | ESSENCE Fix & Matte Translucent Loose Powder Review

April 27, 2013

Well it’s that time of the year when you want to look and feel light--- thanks to summer! Here in sunny Manila, the temperature by this time is ranging from 34-36 degrees, imagine that. Oh how I miss the four seasons <sigh>.

I always thought I can rock living in a four-season cities such as Seoul or Beijing which I had the chance to visit in the last few years. I have not been anywhere in Europe or the US but fingers crossed, wohooo!

Anyhow, these days, I don’t see the point of using tons of foundation. If you have oily skin as I do, this equates to patchy, uneven or cracked makeup in summer. While I did makeup for quite a number of people, I find it amusing that the most difficult face to please is ….. tadaaaan: the one I have, harharhar!

Just that I have troubles understanding my own skin because right after finding something that works, after sometime, my skin sort of like gets immune to it and then the quest again for the products which work. HeartbreakL. I know.

 Today, I am going to review another Essence product. So gear up ladies, today’s review is about the ESSENCE Fix & Matte Translucent Loose Powder (Php 259.00) at SM Makati.

This product had so much rave in MakeupAlley so I felt relieved after buying it on a whim without checking any reviews. It's a finely-milled powder which controls oil and photographs beautifully. I am fond of similar products such as the ones from ELF, Kryolan, Ben Nye and the like. This one however came as the hands down winner, I think. 

Me Says:

Excellent Oil Control
This allowed me to only blot after 7 hours (working under controlled environment with aircon of course). I guess if you plan to work out or exercise, that’s another story.

Great Setting Powder
 I apply this during a liquid foundie and it can give you that bright, whitish color at first which means you have applied too much. Tap the excess off your brush, ladies. Then let its magic work for you. The result is a matte, velvety finish.

The price is such a steal for a 15.5 g amount of product. Plus you don’t really need a lot.

        The sifter bothers me because I know it’s my problem that I can’t master those products such as this but I just wish some smart beauty guru can figure out how these translucent powders should be packaged. So it’s not really Essence’ problem. Yeah I know it’s mine, grrrr.

Overall Verdict:
 4.5 Lipsticks

I admit that I still mess my table with this type of product and I don’t know how to do it right except to slowly open it and tap the excess very lightly. One time, I forgot to close the container and soon after my purse was instantly powdered! Haha.

BUT...I am in love with this powder. It is a proof that not all expensive products are sure ball to work. Sometimes, the best surprise comes in this little piece of heaven.

CAUTION If you have dry skin, I am telling you to run away from this powder as this may only emphasize the lack of moisture in your face. However, if you have combination to oily skin like yours truly, I strongly recommend to grab this. Who knows it might just work for you like it did to me!

Have you tried this product yet? Let me know!

Miss J

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  1. grabe!!! gusto ko nito jolly!!!! nice review!!!

  2. Weeee get it na Donna and let me know how it works! But really Iike it... Hope it works for you... See you soon Atty. Donna!

  3. I'm using this powder! It's really great product :)

  4. Yes it's really a great product worth trying. Super affordable. Thanks for visiting:)

  5. Just bought this! Will try it out soon and hopefully works for me as well :) Btw, are the ingredients safe? Thanks!

    1. Goodluck Paula hope it works for you dear:)