REVISITED | Celeteque Brightening Multi- Benefit BB Cream Review

May 15, 2013

Wow, I can't believe it! It's almost halfway of the year and yet I have so many things to do or write about. While I have my own setbacks, my life is pretty easy now. My dad has been discharged from the hospital (hopefully permanently) after his battle with esophageal mass. He is recuperating, that's for sure. I had my moments of frustrations especially dealing with my sick dad's situation but there is nothing which compares to the thought of losing him. So the good news is: he finally told me he's going to recover. Amen to that! 

Now, back to regular programming, today's review is about Celeteque Brightening BB Cream which is available at all Watson's stores for Php 325.00.

Since summer's scorching heat is such an annoyance to anyone who fancies makeup, I toured the Watson's store hoping to find a decent SPF after emptying my Biore sunblock. But I ended up picking this instead.

The box which I threw away (oops,sorry) stated that this BB Cream whitens the skin, minimizes pores, absorbs excess sebum for a more matte finish  and protects the skin from UVA/UVB rays. Just sounded perfect, right?

Me Says:

- Brightens my face instantly
- A little goes a long way
- Sheer to medium coverage
- Has SPF 15
- A moisturizer and makeup base as one
- Squeeze-tube packaging which allows me to dispense only the product I need


- Despite its claims that it controls oils, this is slightly dewy for me
- I needed a loose powder to set this BB cream
- Available in only one shade

Overall Verdict:

4.00 Lipsticks

This would make any dry to normal skin ladies happy. This may work for me but I need a good old setting powder to reduce my blotting moments especially at this time.

To illustrate, here's a photo for comparison. I applied this BB cream on half of my before-bedtime face (sorry for this crappy photo, I was dead tired from my corporate slave job. Booooo.)

Left vs Right
LEFT PHOTO:  No Celeteque BB Cream
RIGHT PHOTO: Using Celeteque BB Cream
The left side of the picture showed my uneven, darker skin with imperfections. Yes, all the works! This BB cream  however applied on the right side of my face instantly brightened my skin, evened my skin tone. I was a little worried it was too white for me but soon after, it blended on my skin. 

Buy Again: Because, it didn't work on my oily skin, I am going to pass up, but I plan to keep this because it has acceptable SPF on my occasional lazy days.

Have you tried this product yet?

Miss J

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  1. Its nice to know that Celeteque has finally joined the bandwagon! I might pass up though as I have oily skin but I imagine its going to be perfect for someone who has parched skin. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one! xx

    1. Yw Jemimah, yes too bad I got oily skin. Boo. Anyhow thanks for always visiting:)

  2. Kahit di ako BB cream fan, I'm glad we have a local option na. Celeteque is definitely stepping up.

    1. Hi Rae, yes that's right. I love Celeteque products, most are worth our buck:)

  3. I use their dermoscience line and I like it because it's light and doesn't sting my skin. I was eyeing this at the store too and it wasn't really that expensive but I thought I'll just look for reviews first. :) I'll pass on this one, thanks for the review!