Shop at Zalora and Get 5% Discount

May 31, 2013

For what its worth, I just want to make a quick post to tell you about being a Zalora Ambassador.

I was asked by Zalora, the leading one stop online destination for everything fashion in the Philippines last year if I could be one of their ambassadors. I personally buy a number of things online so why not. And yes they sell makeup, too!

I was too surprised to see my blog's logo in Zalora's site-- so huge that it came neck to neck with one of my fave beauty bloggers in the country, Shen's Addiction. And look, my good friend Kristine is on the page too, weeee:)

Now boys, girls or whatever your sexual preference is, keep in mind that for every Php 500 worth of online orders made in Zalora's website, you can get 5% discount by simply adding my voucher code during your checkout: MISSJ1231

Happy shopping!


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