My BeautyMNL Online Buys

September 16, 2016

Since last year, I had been more frugal due to a number of grown up decisions like taking more expensive vacations, buying a car, saving money for the rainy days and eventually buying a home. I would give in for some days, but I can feel the change in my spending habits tremendously compared when I was just too busy opening my wallet for no good reason.

I have a small secret though. I love online shopping! And so many times I find myself adding items on  my shopping cart ready to check out and then whenever I take my visa card out of my wallet, I will cringe and start contemplating whether it is a part of my long term plans or not. You see, buying online is easy- you pick what you fancy, check out and pay with your awesome card. But because I'm a grown woman, I need to be more reasonable and avoid buying what I don't need (makeup and skincare actually are my weakness!).

My recent discovery for buying skin care, hair care and makeup is BeautyMNL. So when they asked me to do a site test run, I immediately agreed. They deliver nationwide and offers free shipping for orders over Php 2,000.00. They have a wide range of products from various brands such us Shiseido, Nyx, Loreal,, Innisfree, Banila Co., and a whole lot more. And the best thing of all? I got my package the next day! Superb delivery service- the fastest I ever had amongst my online shopping transactions!

If you know me, I color my hair every 6-8 weeks, so can't resist this Trichology: Argan Hair Elixir which is currently sold at 35% off. I only paid Php 620.00 for this baby.

This alcohol-free Argan Hair Elixir was made to encourage healthier hair growth, it also leaves hair shiny, smooth and luxuriously soft thanks to 100% pure Argan oil.  It’s not oily or greasy and there’s absolutely no build-up. Plus it reduces drying time by 40 to 50%, perfect for gals on the go!

I've also been eyeing the Maybelline Face Studio V-Face Duo Contour Stick in Medium shade since it came out.It retails for Php 499.00. It's a dual-ended, cream-based face stick for easy sculpting and strobing.

They also included some freebies too! Overall, I am so pleased with my BeautyMNL shopping experience.It's the best shopping experience one could ever have in terms of prompt service! I am definitely going to check out some items I may have missed during my first shopping.

Also, if you like taking selfies like I do (wohooooo!), you can join their #selfieMNL contest! Get a chance to win a Prinster polaroid of your pretty face and a Php 200 BeautyMNL GC. Check out the mechanics here!

Have you tried shopping at BeautyMNL? How was it?   I hope it was a pleasant experience like mine!

You can check them out on Facebook and Instagram too! Happy shopping!


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