A Letter to My 16-Year-Old Self

February 25, 2016

Dear You,

I am not sure how you can take this but let me tell you this now: In few years time, you will be okay. And I mean not grand okay- but you will have a time of your life.

You will struggle with self-esteem as you grow up but will soon overcome it. When you enter university, a boy who developed liking in you shall try to pursue you, hold your hand, kiss you on your cheek and will be a stranger later on. You will be jealous and broken but all you will do is scribble in your journal how hurt you are and never speak to him again until you were in the same trip going to the city.

University days shall pass without you having a boyfriend (yes, you shall be single till you graduate) but another geeky boy shall profess his love to you complete with flowers, love letters and home visits. But then you will realize you still like the first boy and so you will just end up as friends, nothing more nothing less.

After graduation, you will immediately have a job and as you struggle with a salary barely enough to survive, your lovely mom shall help you go through it. You will go out on occasional dates with boys but never be in a relationship until you are 24. Yes- that's the right age for you to seriously date someone (yes, you're a late bloomer!).

I hate to say this but your mom shall pass soon after. You will be devastated, more broken than what a heartbreak can do for you. You will cry every night in silence until you forget how to shed a tear. And in these moments that you forget how to cry, you will cry again in desperation for her presence.

But this boy you will date at 24 shall eventually cheat and break your heart, but then later on you'll realize, it's not even worth it. You will move on and meet another man. He has the most charming eyes you'll ever see. He is very smart and generous but is quiet and reserved. You will date him for sometime but then he will eventually move back home and then that's the end of it.

You will meet another dashing man, so confident and good looking but like the guy with the most charming eyes, he will also break your heart to pieces. I want to tell you this time, it will take really long for you to recover because you thought the dashing man is the one for you. But obviously, he's not the one because he won't feel strongly as you do for him. But just let it go- this experience shall teach you a very good lesson in love.

You will be fascinated with travel and between buying a new car and a flight ticket, you will choose the latter any time of the day. You will find solace in new places, faces and experiences. You will have a better understanding of the world on your feet. You will never be ignorant of other people's struggles, hopes and dreams. You will be compassionate but never stupid. Your gut will always tell you what's right when you feel everything is wrong.

But you will soon learn how to trust and love again, don't you worry (just believe me on this). You will meet many people and the one for you shall come in a way you least expect it to be.

Your dad will also leave you and your siblings at the age of 68. You will need to prepare hard and carefully for this because it shall cost your family a lot of money and stress because of his condition. If you can, please tell your dad to always be mindful of his health especially his stomach. I have a feeling he will be sick with cancer:(

You see, life and love are not that easy. But you are stronger than you think. You know what you want and you will never stop until you get what you deserve. You will soon realize that while your aptitude is important, your attitude in life will matter more.

I love you. You are me and I am you.


PS: Don't forget to keep your family and childhood friends, they will always keep you grounded.

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