What's Up, Life?

June 24, 2016

If you are reading this, yes- my blog is still alive! Earlier this month, I was notified by Google whether I’d renew my domain and that’s how I realized life lately consisted mainly of work and personal space. I didn’t write here mainly because I don’t want to make it as a chore instead, I consider my blog as my inspiration in so many ways.

I don’t want to get up in the morning dreading whether I have written a 2,000-word-entry in my blog out of obligation. I want to be inspired within so I can in turn inspire people. Also, I realized that the lesser I share my life on social media whether Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, I feel better overall. There was never an urge to post something online out of obligation or competition. It was just being able to go back to basics and keep them to myself rather than sharing too much on online.

Since I came back from my Japan trip in December/ January, I devoted most of my time on my friends, family and  job. I had the opportunity to fly to Japan again in April to see Tokyo and Sapporo to which I’d be happy to share on a separate post. The "social media diet" I’ve been has allowed me to focus on more important things rather on those superficial ones. It felt great!

I’m still busy with my job but life has given me a small window of opportunity to write again here as life lately has been more forgiving on many terms including schedule. No huge promises but I am going to write every chance I get! Also, I realized I haven’t worn red lipstick for a month or two so I am going to bring the sexy pout every chance I get too! Well, life is short!

What about you? How is life lately?


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