Back to Basics: Love Wins

February 06, 2016

Such a clincher question, don't you think? Growing up, I was always hungry for knowledge even outside the classroom. I would read everything from comics, newspapers, fashion magazines, psychology books and even engineering books owned by my brother when I want to punish myself. When I was young, I felt like a sponge ready to absorb everything in this world. I talked to many older people much than I talked to my peers.

Then when I thought I was smarter enough, I dreamed of money to come to me. I worked hard to buy the things I can afford, take vacations in many places I adored and rewarded myself with a nice pair of shoes when I feel lonely. Though I'm not ultra rich, it feels good to be able to pay things on my own without any help from others. My new found financial freedom has given me confidence that it is possible to work hard and at the same time be rewarded for it.

Looking back,  it was the love for myself that I aspired for knowledge and money.  Everyone must love themselves but must strike a good balance in between. Years later, I have realized physical beauty fades. Unlimited knowledge may give you success in life but but learning how to use this enormous amount of information is a responsibility. Knowledge is power- this is true so it must be used responsibly.  Now, we all know that money disappears over time if you're a slob.

So while it is important to be smart and wealthy, it is my opinion that it is more significant to be kind. And root of kindness is love. Love is a basic need and comes in many forms.  While romantic love is something beautiful, so is our  love for ourselves and others. Love must start from somewhere and loving ourselves is a great start. We will be more open to love others if we learn to be more forgiving of our flaws and shortcomings. When we love others, we gravitate towards a culture of complete acceptance, respect and  loving without conditions. And when we receive love, it is equally rewarding to give it back to others so it comes back to you again.

Yes, love is universal. It is the language we speak even without our mouths open. It is often displayed in actions and the only language everyone can understand regardless  of your circumstance in life. Before we can be successful people like businessmen, scientists, engineers or millionaires, we  first need to remember how to be a decent  human being who knows how to love. When our wealth and knowledge eventually run out,  love will once again bind people together. No words to speak, only our hearts can feel.

By then you'll know it's back to basics again.

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